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Why Publishing?

Janette Grant, Owner of Mindworks Publishing, tells us why she became a publisher

Janette MP Book cover 3Writing has been a love of mine since discovering Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume books in elementary school but I had never considered getting into the publishing business. It wasn’t until my son began reading that the thought crossed my mind and only because of the difficulty I encountered when trying to find books that he would be interested in. There weren’t many books that spoke to the experiences of boys of colour and there were even fewer books that explored the concepts and principles of Islam.

Janette Grant Book cover 1As a firm believer in the saying, ‘You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution’, I decided to do what I could to be part of a solution in my community by establishing a desktop publishing company that produced works reflecting the experiences of the people around us. Mindworks Publishing is the fruit of my intention and it has been almost seven years in the making.

Truth breeds knowledge; knowledge creates unity; unity builds community; community yields Islam.

Janette MP Book cover 1Our company mission is to contribute to development of human potential through inspiring and informing people with the written word as it aligns with the principles of Islam; it is our intention to produce books that enlighten, encourage and spread joy. We also look to provide resources that support creativity within the community and among aspiring authors in their personal pursuit of their dreams. We believe that all growth starts with discovering truth which in turn leads to acquiring knowledge and the promotion of a unified community locally and abroad. Our motto is: truth breeds knowledge; knowledge creates unity; unity builds community; community yields Islam.

Janette I Love My Hijab faceless cover
(Facial details covered by YMM)

By the grace of Allah (SWT), I came across a website link to The Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA) soon after my light-bulb moment concerning Mindworks and, since then, I have been blessed to have received the encouragement, support and advice of Aishah Schwartz, the Founder and Director of MWA. Interacting with like-minded Muslim women writers and authors from the group has been an inspirational experience that has helped to propel me forward in striving for my dream.Janette MP TMS cover In addition, it was through MWA that I first came into contact with Creative Education and Publishing, the publisher of the first children’s book that I had ever written – having one of my stories accepted and applauded by someone outside of my family helped to give me the courage to try even harder.

The Holy Qur’an reads in Surah al-Hajj (Chapter of the pilgrimage) 22:78:

Strive in the Way of Allah as you ought to strive with sincerity and discipline

Janette Grant Hannah Book cover eyeless
(Eyes covered by YMM)

Ayahs such as this have been instrumental to my work and are a constant reminder and strength as I work to build Mindworks Publishing into an effective resource. I have learned much that I am grateful for during this endeavour despite the fact that book publishing has not been the easiest industry to break into. Throughout the few years that I have been actively pursuing the establishment of my business I have witnessed an encouraging shift as more readers are seeking electronic books and reading more online. As a result, more independent publishers and small scale publishing houses are able to produce a greater variety of books that can target a larger segment of people, subhanAllah.


(Eye covered by YMM)
(Eye covered by YMM)

The blessings that I have received from this process have been numerous and the challenges that I have faced have brought me closer to Allah (SWT). I have been permitted to meet and form friendships with many kind, intelligent, driven and exceptionally generous Muslims which has increased my faith in, and my love for, the beautiful religion of Islam. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing the joy reflected in the eyes of children who are excited to receive books that they can directly relate to.


(Facial features covered by YMM)
(Facial features covered by YMM)

With a total of seven books independently published by Mindworks Publishing, we are truly in the very early stages of production, but with the help and blessing of Allah (SWT) we will be able to contribute to the human family by producing good works that enlighten, inspire and encourage others to be their best self.

Janette Grant makes her publications available via createspace on the Mindworks Publishing website and on Amazon in the US and UK

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