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Sisters, this poem is for you,

So I can share what I know too.

I hope this does touch a nerve,

As this poem has a purpose to serve.


Every day we complain about what is wrong,

To get through it, we will listen to a song.

Very rarely do we pick up our holy book,

This sisters, is something Allah will not overlook.


We have other priorities or ‘don’t have time’,

We’re busy making pounds, cents or a dime.

We tend to forget who we should be grateful to,

Grateful, to the one and only Allah – this isn’t something new.


We are constantly put through tests and trials,

Our deed list is never-ending and goes on for miles.

We miss our salah because we are doing other things,

Responding to texts, calls, whatsapp msgs and pings.


I agree we live in this dunya, and every day is a fight,

This is why, we as an ummah, need to stay tight.

We need to shield our religion; appreciate and respect it,

Following the Qur’an and the Sunnah, is the only pathway lit.


We see our brothers and sisters struggling,

But this is a long-term, worldwide thing.

There is a risk of us all straying from our deen,

So we all need to make an effort and be keen.


We have so much and take advantage of everything,

We should follow Allah’s Islamic law, not that of any king.

We don’t appreciate the little things, or every morning we wake,

Let alone appreciating every single breath we take.


Being grateful will not hurt us, ruin us or break us down,

So why do we turn our deen into a joke? You are not a clown.

We need to learn to respect Islam and its beauty,

Being a Muslim, this is our duty.


We need to better ourselves for the aakhirah,

Take a second, to look back at ourselves in the mirror.

We should use ourselves as our motivation and our tool,

Look back and ask yourself this one question: WHY AM I NOT GRATEFUL?
Humera Amir  is a young poet; she has more poems scheduled for publication by Young Muslimah Magazine.

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  1. ما شاء الله I love this!!!!
    Such a beautiful poem Humera can totally relate to it.
    A great reminder for people to appreciate the blessings they have in life. جزاك الله خير

    1. awwww Jazak’Killah Khairan sis shai.
      Im glad you can relate, sometimes we forget how lucky we really are, this poem is to just to let sisters know, we are on the same journey and we should be grateful for what Allah SWT has granted us, Alhamdulilah.

      Sister humera x

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