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Have you ever felt like you want to talk to some one but no one will understand? You have parents but they’re too busy or they won’t see your side of things. You have friends but they have their own issues or they’re always on Facebook, or on their phones, so much that sitting and having a twenty minute convo feels old fashioned?

It’s not cool any more to sit and talk. Now we have to ‘txt’ or write everything in a message where we can only have 120 characters so we abbreviate the abbreviations and before you know it we lose the whole meaning of what we are trying to say.

I always found that it helped to talk to my friends as we were all going through the same transition in life

Ayesha Yahya phoneI know there have been many times I have felt I can’t talk to my mum or my sisters. But the truth is that most of the time they’re really not that busy and would love for me to talk to them. Issues that affect us in our teenage lives, such as making an identity for ourselves, such as wearing hijab and how it will affect our looks, that time of the month, our exams, what we are going to do with our lives once school and university are over … these topics can be daunting but if we take a step back we can realise that we are not alone in our journey and that we have a support system already in place where we can find people to talk to, whether it’s our parents, siblings or teachers. I always found that it helped to talk to my friends as we were all going through the same transition in life.

However I do appreciate that not everyone has family or friends to talk to and I strongly feel that we are lucky to live in a place where there are charities with helplines set up to give the youth an ear – to listen to, and help work through, their problems.

Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) and ChildLine are two out of the many that are available to offer a helping hand by giving a friendly ear or practical advice.

MYH was founded in 2001 by the youth and supports people through a number of channels such as phone, Facebook and email.

Ayesha Yahya head-setChildLine has been around for a lot longer dating back as early as 1987. Therefore ChildLine has had a lot more publicity, and currently ChildLine has 12 counselling centres around the UK, staffed largely by volunteers. The bases are located in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester and London supported by the online only centres in Leeds and Cardiff. According to the website as many as 4, 500 children phone ChildLine every day. Since the merger with the NSPCC the service has expanded, and depends on public generosity to pay for the children’s phone calls. The intention is to always keep calls confidential.

Therefore if you ever need to talk never think you are alone, help is always there. Talk.

Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If anyone seeks protection in Allah’s name, grant him protection; if anyone begs in Allah’s name, give him something; if anyone gives you an invitation, accept it; and if anyone does you a kindness, recompense him; but if you have not the means to do so, pray for him until you feel that you have compensated him.

(Abudawud Book 9, Hadith 1668)

Ayesha Yahya studied a community development degree at university, has worked for the council in social care, and is hoping to go back in to education and study to be a midwife.

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