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I remember when I believed in dreams

When the milky waves meant a lot to me

When I learnt to make wishes like a fairy; eyes closed

And open my eyes to see my dreams come true

I remember when life was of cream and peaches


I remember all my dreams of running far away

Of not looking back to care how little I was

Of not minding the light weight of my fat pocket

And not making a huge mountain out of no shelter

Of waking up to see the true face of love


I remember when I vowed the vow with him

And walked the long walk with Him

And danced the cultural dance in the rain

And sang the melodious song in the dark storm

I remember with tears all the good times with him


I remember when twenty seemed so far away

Looking back, time tells me it was yesterday

I have lost a lot with the passing of time

If I were to be blessed with a second chance

I’d go back to five and start where it all began


I remember when my light shone so bright

Basking in excitement amidst the crème de la crème

I remember when my light went so dim

Wallowing in depression and creeping in holes

I remember I was told that such is life


I remember when I sought to fill up the void

Against all the false hopes that life gave me

When I blindly walked through a new door

Hoping to put together the scattered puzzles

I remember when I had no bearing on life’s map


And I finally remember when I truly found Him

When my life’s true love revealed Himself to me

And walked towards me when I only took a step

I remember when I left behind me, the empty past

When at last I became the ‘me’ I am today


{And Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and mankind was created weak.}

The Qur’an, Surah An-Nisaa’ (the women) 4:28

Wardah Abbas is a twenty-something year old self-proclaimed eco–Muslimah based in Nigeria. She is a state attorney and a passionate writer who particularly loves to share lessons from her personal experiences. When Wardah is not writing, volunteering at an event, or hanging out with friends, she can be found at the kitchen table whipping up edible ingredients into skin beauty regimens. She is the Earth Care staff writer for Young Muslimah Magazine. Catch up with her on therosespen.wordpress.com.

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