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“You say that you are just a body, but inside of you is something greater than the Universe.” Imam Shafi (rahimullah)

Today’s post is about a topic which is so great that I’m not at all qualified to go into depths.

It is about the ‘Soul’.

Although I read a lot and share what I read, I will only touch the surface of this topic.

What I will cover is the ‘Personal Development’ part for us so we can start making at least some basic changes in our lives insha’Allah.

We are spiritual beings living in physical bodiesboth need taking care of. Our soul needs ibaadah (worship) and our body needs the right foods and exercise. When both the soul and body are aligned we are in an overall state of peace and ease.

But when either one of them is misaligned then we are at dis-ease.

How many of us experience this state of peace … daily?

How many of us experience this peace at all?

Why is it that we are not at peace, ease, and are at dis-ease?

It’s different for all of us in practical terms but in theoretical terms its all the same.

Our day to day is full of all sorts. The good, the bad, and the not so pretty.

We have billions of thoughts going around in our heads daily.

Whilst our conscious mind may be focussed at the task at hand (maybeif we are actually focussing) our subconscious is roaming freely like it’s been given a permanent free will visa!

We get so busy in our day to day that for many of us taking out five minutes just to ‘chill’ becomes a weird concept that only those who are in meditative lands do.

And even if we do take out five mins, it’s usually not to take a breather.

In short,  we don’t take time out to heal our heart and soul.

We don’t take time out to reflect and change our ways.

We may even reflect – but reflection on its own doesn’t do us much good if we don’t follow through on some good actions or positive changes.

Let’s admit it now – we spend more time on our bodily health than our soulful health.

I mean, even if you’re not an exercise or gym freak (freak in the good sense) then we still think about eating the right foods. In winter here in the UK it’s cold. So even if we don’t think about the right food for our body we still think, “Hmm – should stack up on those vitamins to avoid colds and flu.”

That’s what we Brits do!

And when it’s time to take care of our soul – our internal affairs – then we ‘try’ and then quickly give up!

Why do we give up? Because we are not willing to acknowledge all the junk we have stored in there and are not ready to dispose of it!

We HAVE to start taking responsibility for ourselves NOW. No one else is going to come up and fix up our sorry states.

I mean, we can turn to our friends for solace as much as we want and we do (I do!), but who’s going to have to start taking the first steps? Yup, the ‘I’ person!

There’s a reason why we don’t focus on our ibaadah and that reason is all the junk stored in our archive system.

We need to deal with it ASAPwe need to heal the wounds and we need to turn back to the best self-help book written and sent to us!

A heart without the Qur’an is a dead heart. Ask yourself, “How much time do I give to the Qur’an daily?” All the answers you’re looking for are in there. No need to go to the library. It’s the #1 self-help Book sitting on your shelf. It’s not a shelf-help book and if the shelf is made from wood then wood came from a tree that was living and breathing. Maybe the shelf is more at peace than the human soul!


We are confused about our purpose here. It’s simple. God created us to worship Him.

That’s it.

Work on it daily.

I have to work on it daily.

You have to work on it daily.

We have to work on it daily.

And the biggest one is: STOP HATING YOURSELF!

My God, ladies and gents!

Have you heard the way you talk to yourselves sometimes?

You can be so mean and evil to your own self – your own soul.

Your soul is the REAL YOU! Your body is a covering.

Do you walk around in torn clothes exposing your bits?


(I hope not!)

Clothes are to cover your body and to protect it.

The body is a covering for your soul.

Beautify the outside all you want homie … but if your inside is a trunk full of junk then, believe me, it’ll show to everyone AND you won’t be happy!

“We are not powerless specks of dust drifting around in the wind, blown by random destiny. We are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes – unique, and born for a specific reason and purpose.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


Start respecting your own soul.

I mean, start respecting yourself and nourishing yourself.

Your soul needs Allah. It needs ibaadah. It needs salah. It needs Qur’an. It needs dhikr.

Now stay focused with me and don’t think, Oh but so-and-so is really an evil soul!”

Why do you care what they are? Can you fix them? No? OK, cool – back to YOU then.

It’s time to start loving yourself and stop being so harsh.

We all make mistakes. We all make bad decisions. We all screw up.

It’s a process called LIFE.

I’m not saying go out and mess up. 

I’m saying recognise it happened, deal with it. Heal yourself and move forward.

“No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. Go easy on yourself, for the outcome of all affairs is determined by Allah’s decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee.” [Umar Ibn al-Khattab RadiyAllahu Anhu]

You know each moment is passing and what is important is our worship and devotion to God. We’re not here for long.

But if we spend more time in beating our own souls then we won’t be able to work on our worship.

We should have a restraining order to stop beating ourselves.

Its time to start taking care of yourself. That time is NOW!

* Action Point and Tips:

1. Start loving yourself and start talking to yourself in a loving way! 

Monitor your thoughts and record all the negativity. Now dump it in the trash bin.

Just dump ‘em!

2. Start noticing and acknowledging your achievements throughout your life. Remember how you felt and what you wanted to become and accomplish. Now go and achieve that dream and make it a reality!

3. Want some emotional healing? I’m an ‘Energy & Emotional Healing and EFT/EMT’ therapist. 

Read this link and book an appointment

So, ask yourself – if Allah gave me one life here on planet Earth, how will I live it?

And how do I want to return to Him – in what state and condition?

“O you satisfied soul. Return to your Lord pleased with yourself and pleasing to Him. Enter among My servants. And enter My paradise.”
Surah Al Fajr (The Dawn) 89:27–30

There is something special inside of you and that something special is YOU! :)

* Extra Resource:

Here’s something written by my teacher.  Insha’Allah you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! Please SHARE it widely and inspire a soul back to God :)

Nadia Leona Yunis is the Islamic Editor for Young Muslimah Magazine. This article was first published on her website, We Be Inspired.

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