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Every day as I walk home from school, I pass a group of men and, if I’m unlucky that day, I will have the pleasure of hearing all sorts of profanities hurled at me, and I will do what I usually do which is play the excellent art of ignoring them and I will be okay with what just happened.

But when did it become okay to insult someone?

I have realised there are a lot of things that are ‘okay’ that are NOT! So I’m going to highlight small things that I think we should be doing without being told so:


We have completely forgotten what politeness means. We have to return to our courteous ways: politeness in speech, in action, and in behaviour.

Don’t be the person that’s shoving everyone at the busy mall, seriously, what’s with the shoving these days? Is there a shoving competition I don’t know about? Manners is what differentiates us from other animals so start being polite in the slightest things.


We need this more than we can imagine. Keep quiet when we have nothing good to say especially when it comes to friends. Give your friends a pass when something they said or did hurt you, don’t go around being vengeful with your tongue, why do you have to be a catalyst? You don’t even like chemistry! Rather, quell explosive situations by keeping quiet when you have nothing good to say.


This needs a whole extensive article because the institute of what family means has been shattered. People have two personalities, Moses to the rest of the world but Pharaoh to their own blood. My cousin once told me, “Family is home.” It’s cliché, I know, but when you’ve been shoved the whole day at the mall, nothing feels better than to be home with people who actually listen to you whine about the shoving at the mall.


You’ve heard it many times, “Treat people as you would like to be treated.” This goes for property too; take care not to damage people’s property especially when you borrow it and please return it. Some of you take ‘Goods once taken, not returned’ literally, to some new levels!


Let’s just put the religious part of it out. As a person, you need to feel bad when you know an action of yours is going to hurt someone else. Once you start drowning that voice that’s at the back of your mind when you’re doing something wrong, you open yourself to more atrocious acts. All over the news there are unimaginably horrible things happening and you wonder what kind of people would be capable of that, people who turned off the voice of reason. Take control of your actions!


My best friend was going to kill me if I didn’t include this one: replying to people’s messages. I personally do find it annoying as well when you put in effort to text somebody and no reply! So the only sensible thing I can say about this is JUST REPLY! You all know the drill, someone spends time to type that email or message, the least you could do is take some of your time and reply. JUST REPLY!

Are you being the best you can be to those around you? ALLAH SAYS IN THE QU’RAN,

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature.”

Surah At-Tin (Chapter of the fig) 95:5

So the big question is where is this human being? Let it be you.

Fatima Abdulrazak will return with the next instalment of her new rant column in February insha’Allah.

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