Our First Mini Issue: August 2014

Editor Elizabeth Lymer invites aspiring writers to make submissions and offers a selection of books as gifts for book reviewers

Islamic Editor Nadia Leona Yunis gives you permission and support to let your soul heal

Articles Published Elsewhere Written by Writers Who Have Been Published by Young Muslimah Magazine

You Dropped This by Shabana Diouri

Starting Out On Your Own by Wardah Abbas

Sleeplessness, Social Anxiety and Moods That Swing by Wasi Daniju

Poems Published Elsewhere Written by Writers Who Have Been Published by Young Muslimah Magazine

Reflections by Saira Anwar

Water by Maria Limehouse

Guest Series Republished

Forgotten Heroines: Introduction by Zainab bint Younus

Forgotten Heroines: Coming of Age in a New World by Zainab bint Younus

‘We Be Inspired’ Articles Republished

There’s Something Special Inside of YOU by Nadia Leona Yunis

I’m a Victim – Get ME Out of HERE! by Nadia Leona Yunis

Looking Ahead to Our Mid Oct Issue: Inner and Outer Me

Don’t Be Sad Book Review Introduction by Ayesha Yahya

Reclaim Your Heart Book Review Introduction by Sa’diyya Nesar

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