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Huh? Where is the rest of the issue?!

Insha’Allah we will announce changes to the magazine soon. In the meantime insha’Allah we’ll publish our ‘Difficult Discussions’ issue gradually.


Bad Dreams (excerpt from A Reflection of The Past) by Hafsa Waseela


Islamic Honeymoon by Elizabeth Lymer

Of Stones and Diamonds … by Taheseen Khan

The Veil by Fardos T. Shahid

Submit Your Heart by Afreen Khan

Sisterhood by Latifah A. Hameen

Remember When by Wardah Abbas

Ya Ummi by Khudaija A. Nagaria

Book Reviews

Sandcastles and Snowmen by Sahar El-Nadi reviewed by Elizabeth Lymer

She Wore Red Trainers by Na’ima B Robert reviewed by Wardah Abbas

Wrters’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2015 reviewed by Sarah Rehmatullah

South Asian Culture and Islam by Uzma Hussain reviewed by Elizabeth Lymer

Normal Calm by Hend Hegazi reviewed by Khudaija Nagaria

Teens/Young Adults How To – Not To Relationship Abuse Workbook by Latifah Hameen reviewed by Maria Limehouse

Five Pillars of Islam by Dr Recep Dogan reviewed by Nadia Leona Yunis


Interview with Brooke Alam, Creative Etsy Shopkeeper of ‘inspireDeen’

Interview with Hafsa Khizer, Creative Etsy Shopkeeper of ‘TheReminderSeries’

Interview with Hafsa Taher, Creative Etsy Shopkeeper of ‘HafsaCreates’

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