Our Second Issue: Inner And Outer Me

Editor Elizabeth Lymer celebrates several contributions to this ‘Inner And Outer Me’ issue of Young Muslimah Magazine as she relishes the autumnal beauties of change and diversity

Islamic Editor Nadia Leona Yunis distinguishes between recycling and releasing emotions in your journey of healing

Younger Muslimah

Whispers of the Dawn by Khudaija Nagaria

People Care

Winter Workout, Indoors by Anna Reich

The ‘I Love Manners’ article by Fatima Abdulrazak that started her new rant column

Earth Care

Teens On Green Deen: Why I Don’t Want To Be Green by Wardah Abbas

Secrets of a Green Beautician: Open Sesame: The Magic Code by Wardah Abbas

The Eco-Queen’s Diaries: Did I Make A Green Mark? by Wardah Abbas

Fair Share

Inner And Outer Balance Within Myself And My Community by Maria Limehouse

In My Own Words by Umm Hamza

If by LaYinka Sanni

Volunteering, Careers and Aspirations

From Passion To Action by Shabana Diouri

Valuable Volunteering by Umm Hamza


Woes and Wows of Writing: A Story Is Never Just A Story by Hend Hegazi

Rant: So Where Is The Human Being Anyway? by Fatima Abdulrazak


The Mumbler by Shabana Diouri


My Crown Jewel by Saira Anwar

As I Srive On Your Path by Rahma K

Finding My Dream by Wardah Abbas

Why Am I Not Grateful? by Humera Amir


Review of Reclaim Your Heart by Sa’diyya Nesar

Gaza Poems

Gaza by Sanjida Shaheed

Palestine Rainbow by Elizabeth Lymer

Inner And Ouer Me Cover 2





Insha’Allah our next issue will be available mid February.

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