Ramadan and Beyond black

Our First Issue: Living My Faith – Ramadan and Beyond

Editor Elizabeth Lymer welcomes readers of Young Muslimah Magazine

Islamic Editor Nadia Leona Yunis projects us forward to thoughts about when the month of the Qur’an is almost over to inspire us to always keep connected its book

Younger Muslimah

On Struggling to Love My Body: Part One – Reflecting – Looking Back by Wasi Daniju

On Struggling to Love My Body: Part Two – Reflecting – Moving Forward by Wasi Daniju

To Talk or Not to Talk? by Ayesha Yahya

Ramadan Detox: Thoughts of an Addict by Maria Limehouse

People Care

A Very British Ramadan by Shabana Diouri

Exercising Differences by Anna Reich

I Love Manners: Untitled Apology by Elizabeth Lymer

Earth Care

Summer Outdoor Activities by Wardah Abbas

Secrets of a Green Beautician: ACV by Wardah Abbas

The Eco-Queen’s Diaries: How I Got My ‘Eco-Weirdo’ Title by Wardah Abbas

Fair Share

Opening the Fast with Open Arms by Ayesha Yahya

When Someone Believes In You – Part One by Zeshan Akther

When Somebody Believes In You – Part Two by Zeshan Akther

Volunteering, Careers and Aspirations

Turning Hurdles into Higher Aims and Successes by Sa’diyya Nesar

Unexpected Path in Starting My Journey as an Aspiring Poetess by Sa’diyya Nesar

Why Publishing? by Janette Grant


Why She Inspires Me: Safiyyah bint Abdul-Muttalib by LaYinka Sanni

Woes and Wows of Writing: Gum Knocks Out Facebook in Round One by Hend Hegazi


The Guiding Light by Saira Anwar

In His Praise by Sabeeha Parack


Charity by Maria Limehouse


Review of The Death of a Beautiful Dream by Saira Anwar

Nature Focussed Summer Reads by Wardah Abbas


Suma Din, author

Dr Recep Dogan, author

Saira Anwar, poet

Brooke Benoit, jewellery artist, editor and writer

Maisah Sobhaihi, writer, director, and performer

Ramadan and Beyond black

Insha’Allah our next issue will be available mid October.

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