YMM Dec 2014 rose

Insha’Allah in our next main issue in February 2015 we’ll host interviews with Muslimah Etsy shopkeepers including Hafsa Taher and Hafsa Khizier….

“They say getting started is half the battle. Though that is true in some ways, staying consistent is the bigger battle.”

Hafsa Taher, of ‘HafsaCreates

Young Muslimah Magazine especially love her box ‘Eid cards masha’Allah.

“‘Reminders Benefit the Believers’ and I’m really greedy for a portion of other people’s reward. One of my friends has a good word for this: ‘ajr gremlin’. I need all that I can get!”

Hafsa Khizier, of the ‘TheReminderSeries

Young Muslimah particularly love Hafsa Khizier’s decorated notebooks masha’Allah.

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