5Masha’Allah you are an Etsy shopkeeper. Please tell us about your shop.

It’s called The Reminder Series. I paint contemporary styled large calligraphy art with ‘reminders’ on them, and small canvases on easels that are perfect as gifts. Among hand designed carefully crafted candles, boxes, vases, and other items, I also make witty greeting cards for awkward situations that only Muslims would understand.

4Why did you start making Islamic art and what or who inspired you to open your Etsy shop?

‘Reminders Benefit the Believers’ and I’m also really greedy for a portion of other people’s reward. One of my friends has a good word for this: ‘ajr gremlin’. I need all that I can get!

I was looking for healing when I enrolled for Qur’anic tafseer at Alhuda Institute, a two year program that I intended to walk away from as a changed person. I felt things would inspire me for a while, and then slowly fade away, but I wanted them to stay! So I started writing down any reflection that healed me on a little coloured note and sticking it on my wall. When I finished the course, I wanted to share everything I learned from those notes – I started painting a lot and the reminder series was born.

14Do you consider your work as a form of ibaadah (worship)?

That Is the hope, insha’Allah it is!

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Whatever you do, just don’t stop. Make du’a.

What advice would you give to aspiring Etsy shopkeepers?

I’m not really good at giving Etsy advice, I drove a couple people nuts when I first started!


Screen shot 2014-11-08 at 12.39.33 PMWhat new projects can readers look forward to from you and where is the best place for readers to find out about it?

I run a photography project ‘Traumatic Stains’ where I’ve combined my love for Islam, Self Development, and Conceptual Photography. I document the different stages of loss, grief, sadness, hope, and healing. I make photos of realisations that have healed my soul with the hope that they might heal you too. And insha’Allah this year I am publishing my first book with my complete photography works titled ‘When tears Don’t Dry – little lights on your journey to inner healing’ with similar healing messages from my study. You can find me at www.hafsakhizer.com

Thank you for your time and support to our readers; jazakillahkhayr.

Jazak Allahu khayran for giving me the opportunity to share my work.

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