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In His Praise

Sabeeha Parack uses poetry to reflect upon her relationship with Allah subhana wa ta’ala (glorified and exalted be He)

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In His Praise

My closest confidant are you,
A power deep within.
Oh Allah, In your praise,
Where shall I possibly begin?

You know what thought runs in my mind,
You know what I shall be.
You know me more than I could know,
My every breath do you see.

In sickness do you stand by me,
You bless me more in health.
You care for me when no one’s around,
It only increases when people are there.

For a loving father have you blessed me with,
My mother’s love a fraction of yours.
Brothers and sisters who stay by me,
To whom can I my heart pour.

Like a shadow do you accompany me,
A constant reminder inside.
There’s no denying your presence around.
Where could I from myself hide?

I see you in the morning light,
I see you in the eve.
I see you all throughout the day
I see you as I sleep.

You’re present in the sound of the wind,
You’re present as I write,
Watching as I submit my will,
In prayer shall I abide.

Your kindness is exemplary,
Your full might I shan’t know.
Your guidance helps me through my life,
Seeds of hope do you sow.

You believe the best of me always,
You teach me how to forgive.
Your love for me knows no bound,
Beyond this life that I live.

For in the afterlife you’ve said,
For those who shan’t sin.
Shall catch a little glimpse of me,
If my heart shall you win.

Sabeeha mosque

[All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds

The Qur’an, Surah Al-Fatihah (Chapter of the opening) 1:2

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