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Turning Hurdles into Higher Aims and Successes

Sa’diyya Nesar reflects on transformation processes in nature and perceives opportunities for achievement within seeming obstacles

It cannot be denied that we all face hurdles in life. We are all bound to come across obstacles when walking on the path that we call life. One of us may be going through more hurdles than the other, with some of them being illnesses, the loss of life, poverty or even an emotional distress within the self – within our souls.

There will always be an uphill battle, slope, or mountain for us to climb on the paths of success. Our struggles do not mean that we are doomed to fall and stumble downhill but rather they may begin an increasing chance, hope and potential for us to come out stronger and achieve higher aims and successes in life.

Sa'diyya drawn roseEach thorn and prick on the stems of life’s journey might in actuality cause a more vibrant petal for my soul where it then forms into a flower to not only blossom but bloom – bloom into the achieved destination of higher aims and successes in life. Therefore every difficulty is a chance for me to change it into an opportunity where I can grow, flourish and climb to the path of success.

Use the hurdles as stepping-stones

The path of success with its hurdles is as if we are climbing a mountain where we come across rocks – instead of looking at them as hurdles that would doom us to climb, we can look at them as gifted stepping-stones for us to use to climb towards higher aims and successes. The rocks may at first be hard to climb. They may scratch our skin and cause us to suffer but at such times I try to keep in mind that the process of the rock-climbing path is essential for me to reach even greater heights than imagined. An example could be the like of a cocoon for the caterpillar from the world below. The cocoon is there for the caterpillar to struggle and break free into a butterfly reaching greater heights than previously possible.

Sa'diyya yellow roseI try to recognize that, like the caterpillar, one has to go through the struggles to grow into a more developed individual with higher forms of successes. One has to use the hurdles as stepping-stones. I, myself, should not become an obstacle by refusing to climb due to a pitiful nature and negative attitude. This negative attitude would cause me to either not get anywhere or result in me stumbling down off my road to success onto the path of failure. I thus try to realise the reality of the mountain of life where I am bound to come across rocks that may cause me to struggle. I am bound to somewhat suffer but at such times I know that the rocks are there to help me climb into a brighter tomorrow.

There are those that are successful despite having a lot of hurdles and not having much given to them in life. They are successful because of their determined nature and positive attitude. They look at everything as a means to move forward while focussing on what they have to help them push into reaching their maximum potential. An example is one of those with physical ‘disabilities’. Some of those facing physical challenges focus on what they can do instead of being negative. Some might not be able to exercise at all but they might have the ability to slightly move their body and do influential things like writing.

Sa'diyya pink roseI personally developed a physical disability during my childhood where there was, at times, no hope for me. Instead of focussing on the hopelessness of my condition I tried to focus on what I could do; the result of which gave me hope. I was unable to climb steps but my focus was on my ability to walk even though it was slow. I was unable to exercise fully but my focus was on my ability to move to some extent and exercise my mind – even through writing. Realisation and acceptance that life is a struggle and that I have hurdles made me even more determined to overcome the obstacles in ways I could. I realised that we all have our individual mountain paths with our individual rocky hurdles – it’s just a matter of changing our hurdles to stepping-stones to reach our higher aims and successes.

The path towards Jannah consists of tests from the One above

You may start to look at your obstacles as stepping-stones to help you climb upon the mount of success but that does not mean there are not those who may try to pull you down. There might be people who tell you that your hurdles are unfortunate but do not get discouraged by what they say – they are just unaware of how you are able to turn your hurdles into things that may bring forth fortunes.

Sa'diyya white roseSuch people are not only unaware of your ability to change your misfortunes into fortunes but rather they are unaware of the reality of life – what constitutes the path to Jannah (Heaven). The path towards Jannah consists of tests from the One above. Therefore be consoled when coming across hurdles in life because the path to jannah is the ultimate success; its path is bound to have its twists and turns with stepping stones for you to climb on.

I try to tell myself that my will should be stronger than whatever skills or aims I have in life when climbing life’s mountain because it is my will and trust in Allah that will ultimately help me fulfil my aims which will then help me climb uphill to the path of success (if Allah wills). Therefore, realise the reality of life, accept its hurdles, turn them into stepping-stones, and have the will to climb – before you know it, you could be blooming on the mountain’s peak with higher aims and successes in life than imagined.

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

The Qur’an, Surah ash-Sharh (Chapter of the relief) 94:5

Sa'diyya's photoSa’diyya Nesar lives a life with physical ‘disabilities’, where she strives to help others cultivate and focus on their abilities. She writes both prose and poetry for magazines hoping to uplift souls into living a better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Turning Hurdles into Higher Aims and Successes”

  1. Beautifully written article, Saadiya. I have so much admiration for your positive outlook on life and will definitely follow your lead when the next stepping-stone appears before me. Please post another article soon!

  2. Assalam o Alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatuhu Sa’diyya. I agree with the comments above. Your writing is inspirational. This article is a reflection of your trust in Allah’s promise that “With every hardship there is ease.” I love the way you have been able to see that ease. Alhamdulillah! So much to learn from you dear. Waiting for your next piece inshaAllah.

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