Glossary of Common Young Muslimah Terms

SWT/subhana wa ta’ala – Glorified and exalted be He (Said after mentioning Allah SWT)

SAW/PBUH/sal Allahu alaihi wasallam – May peace and blessings be upon him (Said following mention of Muhammad/the Prophet/the Messenger of Allah SAW)

Alhamdulillah – All praises to Allah

Assalaam alaykum – Peace be with you

Astaghfirallah – Forgive me Allah

Du’a – Supplication

Jazakillahkhayr – May Allah reward you (female) with good

Jazakallahkhayr – May Allah reward you (male) with good

Iftar – Meal for opening the fast

Insha’Allah – If Allah wills

Jannah – Heaven/Paradise

MashaAllah – Allah has willed it

Salah – Ritual prayer

Subhanallah – Glory be to Allah

Tajweed – Elocution of the Qur’an

Note: These translations only give crude insights into the meanings of the Arabic words and phases which are of course layered with denotations, connotations, and contextual uses.

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