Inner And Ouer Me Cover 2

A beautiful night

A dream

That seemed so real

A cock’s crow

Depriving me of fantasies


An inspiration


Beyond the dream world

The wonderful sight

Still enthralls me


Beyond flowing garments

The beautiful Ummah

Strikes me more

The humility

Sways me off my feet


Selfless people

Whose greetings

Convey a strong prayer

Lofty ideologies and magnificent virtues

Provoke my anxiety


An unknown force

A strange voice

Beckons me on

To comb the narrow roads

To find my dream


They ask me

About my sleepless nights

They know all

About my adventures

But I am scared


I can’t fail

To embark

On this treasure hunt

But my voice travels far

Across borders


My voice

Reaches their souls

They know the why

They understand my sweat

But they turn their backs


Brothers and sisters

Folding their arms

Cold stares at me

I can’t help but tremble

Will I find my dream?

And upon Allah let the believers rely.

The Qur’an, Surah Al-Maa’idah (Chapter of the table spread) 5:11

Wardah Abbas is the Earth Care writer for Young Muslimah Magazine, she writes for SISTERS Magazine, and she celebrates Islam and highlights issues affecting women on her blog.

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