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Living My Faith – Ramadan and Beyond

Assalaam alaykum/Peace be with you,

Ramadan and Beyond blackWelcome to our first issue of Young Muslimah Magazine (YMM), the free online magazine for aspiring Muslimah readers aged thirteen and over, and for aspiring writers – YMM is designed to provide a career ground for new writers as well as to provide spiritual turf for readers insha’Allah (if Allah wills).

Alamdulillah it is an honour to be first to publish the work of new writers, to support aspiring writers, and to share articles from established writers and professionals who have taken the time to use their writing to reach out to young Muslimahs. The structure of the magazine has been inspired by permaculture ethics of people care, earth care, and fair share, and has been organised in response to the needs of young Muslimahs to access the wisdom of others’ experiential knowledge and support. In this issue I am delighted to share articles specifically written to support readers to live our faith – Islam – during Ramadan and beyond.

I hope every reader will find support and solidarity from the writers of our articles and that your reading of the magazine will be a catalyst for realising the potential of your aspirations insha’Allah. MashaAllah, Young Muslimah Magazine is endorsed by our Islamic Editor, Nadia Leona Yunis – those of you in search of Islamic personal coaching can reach her via her website.

For those among you who aspire to become writers, you are invited to join the YMM Facebook group and/or the YMM Aspiring Writers Email List (please email your request to join to editor@youngmuslimahmagazine.com) so you can keep informed about the Editors’ Lists of content suggestions for each issue; please also refer to the pages about submissions and writers’ guidelines on this site. (I also recommend you consider joining the beautiful support network that is the Muslimah Writers Alliance, take a look at the invaluable mentoring and editing help available through LY’s Writing Service, and discover more about permaculture and Islam via Wisdom in Nature.)

Subscribe and get a free PDF of LaYinka Sanni's 'On Writing For Newbies'
Subscribe and get a free PDF of LaYinka Sanni’s ‘On Writing For Newbies’

Readers (and writers) are invited to subscribe to our YMM Email List to receive news of each issue and to be first to know about any exciting developments.

If you would like to ask any questions about the magazine please email me at editor@youngmuslimahmagazine.com

I pray that you and your families will succeed in your aspirations to please Allah (SWT – glorified and exalted be He) this Ramadan and that He will grant you inconceivable blessings during Ramadan and beyond.

Ma salaama,

Elizabeth Lymer (Editor)

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