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I discovered the truth on honeymoon,

9780807072431���] style="font-family: 'Liberation Serif', serif;">Of the extent to which I'd been misled,

How I'd absorbed vast 9780807072431��� torrents of their lies,

Via photos and the phrases they'd said.


At night I was scared to see my lover

Close-up with all his colouring faded,

I felt frightened, and then I got angry.

How extremely I had been persuaded!


Zeroed in on my bridal adornments,

Oblivious to their dense, dark attack,

Distracted by a mist of wifely white,

My mind had slowly saturated black.


He'd altered, I saw, but didn't worry,

I was grateful to see he had matured;

I thought we'd have a simple espousal,

Unaware my perception was obscured.


I know why I doubted my own husband,

Severed trust has allowed my mind to clear,

My heart's helped me recognise my judgement,

I'd let papers imprint his beard with fear.

{So rely upon Allah; indeed, you are upon the clear truth. 9780807072431��� }

the qur'an, surah an-naml (the ant) 27:79

elizabeth lymer is the editor for and the co-editor of , the poetry anthology in which this poem was published. Alhamdulillah Elizabeth hopes this poem will inspire Muslimahs to embrace the challenges they encounter during their first year of marriage to clarify and work through their personal issues and to support their spouse to develop also insha'Allah. She also hopes to inspire compassion for each other regarding the negative subconscious effect we can experience from reading newspapers and other media.

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