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Young Muslimah Magazine is especially interested in giving space to voicing contemporary female perspectives of Muslim teenagers and young women. It is a place for readers to find solidarity, inspiration and thought-provocation that is relevant to teenage girls and young women struggling and striving to live a life of worshipping Allah SWT [subhana wa ta'ala - glorified and exalted be He].

Whatever good we achieve is from Allah SWT, and any errors are from ourselves. Please forgive us and please do notify us of any errors you encounter here.

Young Muslimah Magazine retains copyright of the content published on this site. Writers also keep copyright of the work they submit to us. We ask readers to respect writers’ copyright and to correctly attribute any content that you quote from Young Muslimah Magazine. About copyright

Disclaimer The opinions expressed in the articles we publish are those of their authors at the time of writing and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Young Muslimah Magazine (YMM) or its Editor. YMM cannot be held accountable for readers’ responses to our content or for the content of websites we link to.

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